Our services

Operational strategy

Definition of your strategic operational plan through the method O.S.R.P©, original and exclusive method, property of the company, it will allow you to redefine your priorities for next years, while maintaining or improving the synchronization between your services.

Channel performance

The improvement of trade performance will focus on improving your business coverage and the increase in the productivity of sales channels. We have also created the Sales DNA/ADN © method in order to install the sales spirit in each departments of your company.

Commercial audit 

In a merger of acquisition process, promoting the commercial potential and the value of the assets channel need a specific expertise and experience. FEYDIN is ready to be integrated within a multi disciplinary team.

Shadow management

Your operational managers are busy with the day to day business, no time to update their skills, we could do that for them. We can go further by providing  „shadow management“ for your high-potential managers during their short period of times (1 to 3 months) post consulting services or role induction.

Interim management

When you need operational support, FEYDIN offer you a competent experienced staff within a framework of interim management assignments.